Our Work

What do we do?

The Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada has a mandate  to relieve poverty in Kenya by helping people to become more self-sufficient in the following areas:

  • Education
    • Advance education by providing scholarships to students of need to attend day school
    • Provide assistance with the delivery of early childhood education
    • Advance education of students by providing books and other learning materials
  • Health and well-being
    • Assist in the operation of clinics and medical facilities that will provide medical care
    • Educate the public about basic health, hygiene and sanitation and help provide access to clean drinking water
    • Livelihoods
    • Educate and provide skills in agriculture and farming practices

Our values 

  • Empowerment
    • Empowering people to move themselves out of situations of poverty
    • Supporting people’s right to make their own choices about their lives and that of their communities
    • Education
      • A foundation of development at a personal and community level
      • Holistic problem-solving
      • Examining the roots of struggles and problems

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

  • Sustainability
    • Development which is self-sustaining and has a long-term vision

Where are we going?

 The Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada is in the process of becoming a Canadian registered charity, hopefully in early 2014. While the goals of the organization are broad-based, the board and key supporters will refine focus areas for the near future.


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