Charitable Objectives

Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada is in a unique position to make a real difference in the lives of impoverished people living in Kenya. Wesley’s insight through his first-hand experience with poverty has shaped our approach to providing aid. In order to reduce poverty we plan to support projects that lead to our Vision of “empowered families, thriving communities”.

As a Registered Canadian Charity our objectives include the following activities:

  • advance education by establishing classrooms and libraries, and providing books and educational materials for pre-school children
  • advance education by providing scholarships to impoverished youth to attend school
  • advance education by teaching modern agricultural and dairy farming practices to impoverished families
  • relieve poverty by providing micro-loans to farming cooperatives for the purchase and installation of dairy farming and agricultural equipment and supplies, and improving access to clean water
  • promote health by providing educational materials about basic health and hygiene

We believe that the best way to support Kenyan children is to invest our talents and resources to develop long-term economic sustainability for their families and communities.

We invite you to support our Mission:
Investing in Kenyan cooperative development for education, health and economic vitality.

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