Nell van Walsum

Nell discusses the need for better access to clean water with a Kenyan Elder

has more than 30 years’ experience working as an environmental consultant. She worked for 28 years with a private company, first as a hydrogeologist and project manager, later becoming a member of the executive team as VP Human Resources, VP Operations and then as President.

Nell is now self employed, providing facilitation services to public and private organizations to improve process implementation and productivity.   Her passion for working with non-profit organizations to alleviate poverty through community engagement, delivery of clean water and promotion of physical activity led her to become active in KKFC. Nell has been to Kenya twice since she began volunteering with Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada in 2016.

Nell training with our KKFC sponsored high school students in Cherangany

Nell is also an enthusiastic recreational runner who participates in various running events including marathons.

She is a regular at the Ottawa Running Club and volunteers as President of Sole Responsibility, a group dedicated to supporting physical activity for children in the National Capital Area.

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