Nell, a director and active member of our Water Committee

needs your help to raise funds to support KKFC’s water projects in Kenya.

Nell is working with people in rural Kenya to develop their knowledge and skills to implement sustainable water projects.


Nell tests water in Mwaita

Our County Government Partners

In November 2018, KKFC worked with the local County Government, together with representatives from an impoverished community and the Board of Management at Murkuywa Primary School to drill and construct a well. The students at the school and families in the area had previously obtained their water from a (dirty) river about 2 km away. Using a drilling rig provided by the County government and with funding from Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada, we were able to provide the school and surrounding community with access to cleaner water. During the drilling process the community contributed resources, manpower and food for the drill team.

To ensure long-term sustainability of this water project, KKFC is now working with the community to create a Water Committee to ensure long-term operation and maintenance of this new well.


Murkuywa Primary School celebrates their new well

Please help us grow knowledge and skills in Kenya,

so that together we can provide

better access to cleaner water

for more people in Cherangany, Kenya.

All donations are greatly appreciated and help make a difference.

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

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