Karin’s Kilimanjaro Fundraising Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro – 5,895m

In September, Karin plans to hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africaā€™s highest mountain, which is 5,895 m (19,341 ft) above sea level.

Karin invites you to join in this challenge by making a donation to provide scholarships for high school students in Kenya. (Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more) Please scroll down to see messages from some of our recent donors.

To date Karin’s fundraising efforts have climbed to almostĀ $11,000!

American donorsĀ please click here

Karin’s last adventure – Antarctica

Please click donate or send your donation by mail:

Kenyan Kids Foundation

66 Willow Way Rd., RR#1

St. Clements, ON, NOB 2MO


Words of encouragement for Karin from recent donors.

  • I am never surprised anymore at the incredible drive and generosity you exude! (AK)
  • I’ll be cheering you on and good luck! (AK)
  • I’ll be bursting with love and pride when I see the photo of you at the summit. (MH)
  • Wishing you a great adventure for a great cause! XO (CH)
  • This is a wonderful adventure. What measures are being taken to insure there is wine for the toast when you reach the summit? (DR)
  • If anyone can do this climb, it’s you Karin! (JS)
  • Have fun! (KS)
  • Have a great climb! (WK)
  • Good luck, Karin, on your great adventure. (GH)
  • Karin, you are our Wonder Woman. Best of luck on your amazing adventure.(RH)
  • Congratulations Karin..what an amazing adventure and for such a worthwhile cause. (LF)
  • Can’t wait to see your smile when you reach the top! (BG)
  • Have a safe and wonderful climb Karin. (MK)
  • Sure to be another incredible journey! How wonderful that you are giving back to the community. We admire you and your adventures so much.(BH)
  • Hope you have an amazing climb. Best wishes from Marilyn and John Dickey. Call us when you return so we can learn all about it. (JD)
  • All the best to Karin’s climb. (LN)
  • I wish you great success in helping Kenyan Kids. (MK)
  • Karin is a wonderful inspiration to us all. (YTK)
  • She pushes the limits.(YTK)
  • I admire her determination. She is a great person most of all. (YTK)
  • Have a great time! (ML)
  • Very Best Wishes for an amazing adventure for such a worthwhile cause. Nice to have shared the walks this summer. (M&B)
  • We’ll be cheering you on! Have a safe one! ( MB)

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