Khalid’s Birthday Dream – Help young Kenyan athletes attend Transcend Running Academy

Wesley Korir leads high school students on a long run in Cherangany, Kenya

For my birthday this year – I am asking my friends and family to make a donation to Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada so

that young Kenyan athletes are able to develop their running talents and get the education they need to overcome poverty.

Khalid – Galatea Lakes Alberta Canada

Kenyan Kids Foundation Canada was started by Wesley and Tarah Korir. Wesley is a Kenyan marathoner who took gold at Boston 2012. As an avid runner myself, I’d like to see the continual development of the Kenyan long distance running talent pool. Your donation will support high school athletes in Cherangany, Kenya attend Transcend Running Academy which was also started by Wesley. This academy provides good nutrition, a high school education and training to help them overcome poverty and further their education. Many Transcend graduates earn running scholarships which enable them to continue their education at American Universities. The cost for each student to attend the Transcend Running Academy is $650 per year.

Trancend Academy Girls try on donated shoes




Please click the donate button below to help me, help students in Kenya

(You’re eligible for a tax receipt for amounts over $20.)

“Thank you in advance and God bless!” Khalid

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